Healthcare Covers

What Merged Benefits Cover includes?

    • Seven option with varying Limits
    • No minimum monetary for claims
    • Refund for all Chronic Conditions
    • Refund for medical Checkup
    • 20% Excess

What In-Patient Cover includes?

      • Refund for medical/surgical/confinement expenses
      • Covers up to 50,000 per illness per Annum
      • No excess Limit

What Catastrophe Cover includes?

    • 6 options with varying limits
    • Refund for overseas treatment.
    • 50,000 Excess Limit

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Our Uniqueness

Mobile Application
  • The Mosanté App, yet another innovation of Mosanté, is a mobile application which enables members to have details on their medical cover. Real- time information is thus easily accessible at their fingertips.

    With the Mosanté App, members can view the progress on their claim refunds, the benefit limits available on their health plan, the details of contributions as well as the membership details of the main members and dependants (if any). Other special features of the Mosanté App are Snap & Send for instant claims submissions and the E-Membership Card.

    The Mosanté App available for free on both the Play store and App Store.
E-Membership Card
  • The e-version of our membership card, Mocarte is available on the Mosanté App anywhere and anytime.

    All members are encouraged to use the E-Membership card for the PayLess Service at participating Pharmacies and Opticians as well as for admission purposes at clinics (Prise en Charge) around the island.

    To access the E-Membership Card, simply log on the Mosanté App, select the beneficiary on the home screen and tap "Membership Card".
PayLess Service
  • The PayLess Service enables members to better manage their outpatient medical budgets when presenting their physical or E-Membership Card at Participating Pharmacies and Opticians.

    With this added service, members only need to disburse the applicable excess which is 20% on purchase of prescribed medication or eye wear while the remaining balance is settled directly by Mosanté in line with the limits and terms and conditions of the member’s cover.

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