Business Mauritius Provident Association unveils the brand identity of Mosanté.

The Business Mauritius Provident Association (BMPA), the social arm of Business Mauritius, has been supporting over 700 Business Mauritius member enterprises by giving them access to a heath care cover.

On the 21st of March 2018, the BMPA gathered its member to the unveiling of the brand identity of Mosanté, its flagship health cover scheme.

About the Mosanté plan
In 1982, MEFPA now Business Mauritius Provident Association was created by the then MEF now Business Mauritius, with the aim of providing health care covers for employees of Business Mauritius member enterprises and their dependents. From only 15 corporate members representing 1,800 beneficiaries at inception, BMPA has evolved into one of the largest providers of health care covers in Mauritius, with more than 700 corporate members and some 22,000 beneficiaries.

“It is important to point out that, back in the 80s, when this plan was designed, we were already thinking of entrepreneurs having access to health care covers. And today, 60% of the members of Business Mauritius Provident Association are SME,” explains Ashley Gokhool, President of the BMPA. “We needed a brand name that reflected our caring mission and Mosanté is the perfect fit.”

About the logo
The new brand name has been found during a naming workshop led by a professional team in 2017. Mosanté, this new brand also supports the objectives of Business Mauritius in the wellbeing of Mauritian employment sector.

In the logo, the continuous line in the upper image mark depicts employees in a healthy working environment who have a wellbeing and caring employer and the bond that exists between them. It also represents the family as parents and the “bonding knot” in the middle represents the children and dependents. The arc below is a smile representing the caring and supportive hand of Mosanté.

The illustration has been inspired by the widely recognized icon of employees, groups, family and smileys used in infographics. The color fuchsia represents a better working environment as well as good living and the access to medical and health service for those who they care for is represented by the peaceful blue-green (dark amazonite) color.