Life with Covid-19

Despite the easing of the lockdown measures, we must keep in mind that the pandemic, Covid-19 is not behind us. We will simply need to learn to live with the Covid-19 until a vaccine is found. It is important for us to understand that things will not get back to normal in the coming weeks. 

Learning to live with the pandemic impacts on various aspects of our lifestyle. The same preventive measures that were taken during the lockdown needs to prevail in order to limit the risk of infections, once the lockdown has been lifted. 

  • Regular washing of hands for a duration of minimum 20 seconds
  • Wearing face masks in public places
  • Respect of social distancing, especially in public places
  • Travel restrictions 
  • Avoid social gatherings and public places
  • Working from home, when possible
  • Limiting human and social interactions as far as possible
  • Going to the hospital only when necessary and for emergencies