Merged Benefits

What is Merged Benefits Health Cover?

The Merged Benefits Health Cover allows for a maximization of benefits entitlement.  It is basically an out-patient cover, but can also cater for in-patient conditions.

This cover consists of an annual limit, subject to different annual sub-limits, for various benefits: hearing aids, dental, optical (lenses & frames), pregnancy as well as surgical/medical treatments.  As a bonus, members also benefits from clinic room fees (subject to the excess applicable).

The Preventive Health Care/Lifestyle Benefits include GP Check Up, Pathology Tests, Cancer Prevention, Women’s Wellness, Men’s Wellness and Lifestyle Benefits such as assistance to stop smoking and assistance to lose weight.

Chronic Disease Benefits comprise of treatments for all Chronic conditions, including but not limited to Diabetes and Hypertension. It covers various elements such as tests, medications, and consultations.

This benefit includes:

1. Preventive Care:

GP Check Up, Pathology Tests, Women’s Wellness, Men’s Wellness and Cancer Prevention

2. Lifestyle Benefits

Assistance to Stop Smoking & Assistance to Lose Weight

3. Chronic Disease Benefits

Treatment for all Chronic Conditions